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A facade or interior decorated in marble from Kolmården is not just something for the most affluent. Swedish green marble and stone are ideal materials in several contexts. Green marble from Kolmården is a beautiful and almost maintenance-free material, which means that it can be used for everything from stone tiles to window sills.

Tiled Stove

Add extra elegance to your stylish home! Heat your home with a beautiful and practical marble fireplace that keeps you warm for several hours.

Fireplace friezes in Swedish green marble are especially popular due to their ability to absorb the heat of the stove. The marble mill has a wide range of standard friezes, but also cuts custom-made specimens, in new patterns if you e.g. want to change or need to renovate your stove.


The next time you visit a bathroom in an elegant place, take the time to think about the choice of material. It is often decorated with marble. The first thought is of course that it is about beautiful and incredibly expensive decorations. If the truth is to emerge, it does not always have to be that way.

Decorate your bathroom with Swedish green marble! In fact, it does not have to be expensive to get a classic and beautiful interior. Due to their durable and water-repellent properties, Swedish green marble is excellent as a decorative detail when it's time to renovate your bathroom.


Work tops are a hardworking part of any home, providing a space for everything from getting dinner ready to keeping everyday items stored within easy reach and serving as a critical interior design feature, and thats why our beautifully and sophisticated crafted green marble worktops are the ultimate finishing touch in any kitchen. Contact us today and give your home a unique look.


Balustrades and railings in Swedish green amrble have mainly been used for parade buildings. But through technological advances, it has become more cost-effective to cut structures that also fit in home environments. Marmorbruket is happy to assist with tips and inspiration for how you can decorate your home with classic and elegant balustrades of Swedish green marble.

For example, balustrades, floors and stairs in the famous Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall are carved in Swedish green marble. In this almost fabulous environment, most of the world's Nobel laureates and royalty have come to have the famous Nobel dinner every year.


Few tools are better at demonstrating the unique qualities and long history of marble than mortar, a tool that has been used for cooking and baking since the beginning of time. Despite modern food processors and mixers, mortars have maintained their position as one of the kitchen's most solid, useful and attractive utensils. At Marmorbruket, our classic mortar is still made of beautifully ground Swedish green marble.


Not only is it beautiful and durable, it is also virtually maintenance free. In addition, the costs do not have to be as large as you think.

Marble has been a material that appealed to builders and architects through time and it is not very difficult to understand what they are drawn to. When you see how beautiful and shiny a marble floor is in large halls, you can not help but be impressed and inspired. With today's technological advances, it does not have to be particularly expensive to lay and renovate beautiful marble floors.

Marmorbruket AB is a Swedish supplier of marble of the highest quality since 1673. We offer you classic and stylish stone that will never be outdated.

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