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Swedish Green Marble has provided an excellent quality marble service in historic buildings for over 347 years. Here are some of the elements made of our best marble over the decades.


Charles XI and the Drottningholms Palace

Since the 17th century, Swedish green marble has supplied stone to ornate buildings all over the world. Stockholm Castle, Drottningholm Castle, the Paris Opera, Harrods, Rockfeller Center And many more. Recently, marble from Kolmården has been delivered to NK, and Bentley Stockholm, among others. We also deliver a lot of limestone floors in freight format to castles and manors around Sweden



The mining took place until 1978 under the auspices of Kolmården’s marble, whose buildings can still be seen a few kilometers from Krokek today. 


Marble grinding in Kolmården

During the first part of the 20th century, mining increased and coal marble began to be commercialized internationally, but after World War II, the demand for cheaper materials decreased.


"Blå Hallen" in Stockholm city hall

Swedish Green Marble used in Östberg’s project for the stairs of the famous and distinguished Blå Hallen of Stockholm city hall.


Östra Eneby's Church

The 13th century baptismal font in Norrköping, Sweden was created with the materials of our company.


Stairs in the van der Nootska Palace

The van der Nootska Palace is a former private palace in Södermalm in Stockholm, now a days museum. The spotlight of the hall is the magnificent main staircase with double staircases.


Svindersvik Summer House

Remarkable fireplace made of green marble in the pavilion of the Svindersvik summer house in Nacka, Sweden.


Portal Hospital Stigbergets

Building designed for teaching, it was built with the best materials, so for that reason,  Kolmården’s marble was chosen to decorate the main door.


Column and Capital

Decorating the grandiose hallways of Osterman’s marble salons, car sales and exhibition space in Östermalm, Stockholm.


David Livingstone's Centre

Biographical museum in Scotland, dedicated to the life and work of the explorer and missionary David Livingstone. Marmorbruket was commissioned to decorate the main fountain with that majestic world globe.

Marmorbruket AB is a Swedish supplier of marble of the highest quality since 1673. We offer you classic and stylish stone that will never be outdated.

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