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Marmorbruks AB is one of Sweden’s oldest companies. The Marmorbruket has been working on its beautiful Kolmård marble since 1673, when the first letter of privilege was issued by King Karl XI.

We offer you classic and stylish stone that will never be outdated. At Marmorbruket you will find a wide selection of products in Kolmård marble, limestone and other natural stones. We export to large parts of the world and can handle large deliveries.

Notable History

A modern company with ancient origins that has
inspired for centuries builders and artists in their important works.

Best Quality

We produce quality raw material with a good price
and good finish suitable for all types of surfaces that the customer wants.

Luxurious Finish

You will find a wide selection of products in Kolmård marble, limestone and other classic and natural stones that will never be outdated.

Kolmårdsmarmor - Swedish Green MARBLE

Swedish Best Quality

Our Swedish Green Marble is mined in the Oxåker quarry in Kolmården. With a large diamond blade and diamond wires, blocks are cut from the rock. At Oxåker quarry, a unique sawing technique is also used which allows to cut smaller and thinner plates and pieces directly from the rock.

Years of Excellence

Seen On The Nobel Prize

The grand staircase of the Stockholm City Hall is made of Swedish Green Marble since more than 10 decades.

Exclusive buildings

Years Of Experience

Marmorbruket is a modern company with ancient origins. Our marble from Kolmården has, through its beautiful vein and unique color for centuries, inspired builders and artists to do their major works.

You can find stone floors, walls, countertops etc. which is adorned by our marble in Drottningholm Castle, Stockholm Castle, Harrods in London, Rockefeller Center in New York, Opera in Paris etc. 


The Royal Palace of Stockholm



Opera House Paris

The Swedish Green Marble DECORATES
the Opera House in Paris.


"Blå hallen" in Stockholm

The stairs of the important Blue Hall
in Stockholm's city hall.


Harrods building in London

Marmorbruket is a supplier to
Harrods in London.

Swedish Green Marble


Swedish green marble is preserved for the future



Marble from Kolmården on Mount Everest



The Marble barn filled with paintings and sculptures



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Start embellishing your fireplace, windows, floors or walls with our beautiful natural stone from the rich Swedish geology.

Marmorbruket AB is a Swedish supplier of marble of the highest quality since 1673. We offer you classic and stylish stone that will never be outdated.

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