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Supplier of the exclusive royal Swedish green and limestone

Interior design in marble, limestone
and other natural stone


Create classic and stylish surroundings that will never date. Use natural stone in homes and premises to give natural and timeless surroundings. At our place you will find a broad range of materials and products of marble, limestone and other natural stone.

Marmorbruket is a modern company, but goes back a long way. For centuries, Swedish green has inspired builders and artists because of its beautiful veining and unique green colour. Our marble can be found in places like Drottningholm Palace, the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Harrods, the Rockefeller Center and the Opéra in Paris. The marble is used for stairs, fireplaces and worktops all over the world.

Stone floors from other stonemasons

Besides marble, we work with most types of stone, and can offer you advice on your choice of natural stone. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with other stonemasons, we can give our customers unique opportunities to get the right stone at the right price, with early delivery.

Letting - Events & recreation

Marmorbruket offers more than just high quality stone floors. You can have access to the unique and beautiful surroundings at the Bråviken beach for all types of events and recreation.

Welcome to a quarry in use.


/Carl Johan Merner and family

If you have any questions about our marble floors,
stone floors, floors of limestone or other natural stone &
our other products, you are welcome to
contact us at Marmorbruket.


Marmorbruks AB
Kalkugnsvägen 12 | 618 92 Kolmården 
Call Carl Johan Merner: +46 (0)70-555 35 05

How to find us

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